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    Upgrading 1977 K5 Wiper System

    I just bought a 77 k5. It has a one speed wiper switch on the dash with no washer. It has a floppy blinker lever that doesn't engage turn signals. I want to upgrade all this. I'm wondering if there's a way, while retaining the stock steering column, that I could move the wiper controls to the...
  3. Rocco's 77 K5 Blazer - Frame Off 6.2/6L80 Build

    Rocco's 77 K5 Blazer - Frame Off 6.2/6L80 Build

    I purchased this Blazer back in October 2015 with plans for a modest trail/camping rig in mind. It was in decent shape at the time, and I already had several other projects in the works, so I didn't want to get overly ambitious with the build -- mainly wanted to focus on the interior, cosmetic...
  4. Grey Truck Build

    Grey Truck Build

    My dad traded in his other truck (1970 1/2 ton short box) for this one in 1999 to be his daily driver/work truck (I was about 6 years old). The short box was too small and he needed something more reliable back then. It was bone stock with the factory 6.6L 400 / TH350 and NP203. My dad later...
  5. pblaze725

    Sold 1977 Heep CJ5 [Sold]

    For Sale: 1977 Jeep CJ5 AMC 304, T150 3 speed manual. Posted on CL for $7000 OBO Will sell to a CK5 member for $5000 Under the hood- Fresh gaskets, new carb, new alternator, new Mallory ign coil,dizzy cap & wires, new brakes (master, rotors,pads, flexible stainless steel lines, new shoes...
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    K5 Blazer
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