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  1. Red Velvet | 1983 Chevy K5 Blazer

    Red Velvet | 1983 Chevy K5 Blazer

    Purchased Oct 2019 Was in the Netflix series "the sinner" in season one where they wrapped it in a black Project one: Rear section rust removal. DONE Dec 2019 Tail pan, tail beam, rear floor, support beams and back half body mounts. All body heavy lifting is being done by Winsor Classic in...
  2. 83K5_blazer (she’s back!)

    Restomod 83K5_blazer (she’s back!)

    Here is a build guide to help anyone out: Start of rust repair Hard top repair/ restoration ORD 4” lift (front end) I'm calling this the "Rednecked Resto" due to the condition this was in when I got it. Hacked up wiring throughout, pieced together seats from three different trucks. Rocker...
  3. Cntymnty77

    83K5_blazer (she’s back!)

    Cntymnty77 submitted a new Build: Rust repair (rocker and floor) Hard top repair/ restoration Read more about this build here...
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    K5 Blazer
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