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  1. K

    ID SOLD.... (feel free to delete) 1984 one-owner Blazer K5 Silverado. rare combo of V8, factory 4-speed, factory air, power doors/windows. $6,600

    I'm selling my mom's "baby" which is now at a crucial time in it's life. This unique gem has been sitting outside since 2010 and needs some new love. Every year I charge the battery, put new gas in, and drive it 5-10 miles. It runs and drives well, but probably could use a tune-up! I am...
  2. 84 Optimized M1009

    Daily Driver 84 Optimized M1009

    After a hard 8-9 years of Banishment, The CK5 Gods are giving me another chance. Please forgive my political comments years ago… My old build thread was derailed and missing all of the pictures. Starting fresh…
  3. Project Smoke Wagon

    Project Smoke Wagon

    I purchased my first K5/Jimmy September 2019 dubbed the Project Smoke Wagon. I have been wanting one of these for a very—very long time. When I picked it up it was a running driving unit. It needs some work but nothing out of the realm of my capabilities. Almost all the rubber needs replacing...
  4. CK5


    K5 Blazer
  5. Needs a washin'

    Needs a washin'

    My '84 K5 on a dirty day. Hasn't been washed in weeks!
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