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  1. mechanick

    Tailgate gap on one side new tailpan

    Hi guys, installation of new tailpan went pretty well. Also replaced the rear inner and outer light posts. All is well except my tailgate doesn't line up quite right. It is tight on the left with a gap on the right. See pics I didn't do the artwork either BTW and plan on painting it anyways. I...
  2. 85 K10 - Lightning

    85 K10 - Lightning

    This is my daily driver/weekend wheeler build that I purchased from my Grandpa in 2002 or so. It was my first truck and stayed pretty much like the picture below until 2012 when I decided to take off the bed and clean up the rear frame that was starting to look pretty crappy. A simple clean...
  3. ridenby

    KY 1985 Chevy CUCV m1008a1 $4000

    I have two of these trucks.I have neither the time nor the wherewithal to do justice to both. This truck has had a 6.5 turbo added to the 6.2L. It is still 24v . Cab is in very good condition. Bed is excellent. Runs and drives real well. Detroit Locker in rear axle. Open front axle.
  4. 85 K5 --- CHOPPED! Edition

    85 K5 --- CHOPPED! Edition

    Hello all! Anthony out of South Houston, TX area. What we have here is a 1985 K5. Blueprint engine upgrade (383 stroker) paired with a 700r4 from monster. Current Plans: 1. Install bench seats in the rear so my daughter can enjoy. 2. I recently got a window frame from another member here off...
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    K5 Blazer
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