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  1. Irishmic

    Buying first k5

    This may be a dumb question but looking into year ranges 1996 to 1988 chevy k5 blazer. The question I have is are all blazers in this year range suburban? I ask because I see some advertised as a suburban and have the playe on the truck but some are not and don't have the badge on. Is there a...
  2. Weekend Pig Iron

    Offroad Weekend Pig Iron

    Owned this project since 2006. Broke in 2008. Sat in a field for 14 years. I am looking to get this back on the road as a weekend warrior. Mild to medium difficulty trails, on beach driving, and truck camping are what I plan on doing with it.
  3. '86 K30 - the Resurrection

    '86 K30 - the Resurrection

    I wanted this truck to build an off-road rig but after seeing how much was available to restore these old things I kinda want to bring it back to it's 80s glory. Especially after finding the wealth of info around here, I feel like I might be able to handle most of this resto myself. After...
  4. rileymurph41

    New to the blazer world

    Hey everyone. New to the blazer world. Wanted one for years and finally made the plunge 1986 blazer classic custom (I believe) 4x4 1999 GM 7.4 H beam rods Full chromoly roller rocker Holley efi TBI Flat top pistons Cammed Much more 1999 factory air 4L80E 14 bolt Chevy rear end Np208 Pretty...
  5. 1986 K30 - Rapid Learning

    1986 K30 - Rapid Learning

    LAST UPDATED: October 14, 2021 Well, nearly all of the background information behind my acquisition of this truck can be found in this thread: Big thanks to @Bowtiek10 for posting the truck. I wouldn't have it if it weren't for...
  6. Project “I Hope It Will Run”: 1986 K5

    Project “I Hope It Will Run”: 1986 K5

    I hope it will run!
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    K5 Blazer
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