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    Aftermarket veh. speed sensor misery (CA smog/check engine light). Help? 89 K5.

    Several years ago, installed the DIY4X competition dash with autometer gauges. I didn't realize that in 1989 the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) was a small green plastic gizmo attached to the back of the OEM dash/speedometer unit. I tossed the VSS, and even if I had it, I don't think it's possible...
  2. Stance

    My first blazer

    Stance submitted a new Build: My first blazer Read more about this build here...
  3. The Bruin

    The Bruin

    Here is a 1989 Suburban I just picked up. It was a research rig for the University of Wyoming. Prof. Hank Harlow used this truck to research bears all over the rockies. The research included how bears hibernate and applications in medicine concerning muscle deterioration. He would crawl into...
  4. 1989 K5 - Gradual Learning

    1989 K5 - Gradual Learning

    I got interested in purchasing something with 4WD after moving to Colorado and falling in love with snowboarding. I've always had an appreciation for older vehicles and loved the idea of buying something that needed work and doing it myself. I was already doing maintenance jobs on my first...
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    K5 Blazer
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