1st gen

  1. Cadden

    Power steering mounting question.

    Anyone with a 1st gen able to get me a picture of the bolt for the power steering pump. The one that goes thru the motor mount/driver side. Is supposed to be a bolt/stuff combo or just a bolt?
  2. 69 K5 LS 6.0

    69 K5 LS 6.0

    First gen. Blazer LS Swap using a 2006 LQ9 6.0L Gen. 3 VortecMax 345HP with 4L60E/NP205, 14 bolt 411:1 G80 SF 6 lug rear, original D44 upgraded using Yukon Gear Dura Grip , Reid Racing Knuckles, Sky Manufacturing Hi-steer, hydraulic assist steering (maybe PSC)?, hydro-boost 4 wheel disk brakes...
  3. ashman

    The 2nd one - it runs!

    ashman submitted a new Build: The 2nd one Read more about this build here...
  4. The 2nd one

    The 2nd one

  5. dominicg

    Sold 1971 K5 Blazer For Sale PHX area

    Hi everybody, I've got a 1971 K5 Blazer for sale. Here's what its got in it: 350 Small Block Chevy – rebuilt shortblock, edelbrock performer aluminum heads, edelbrock proflo EFI system, 750 cfm throttle body, Crane 256 Z cam, Doug Thorley TRI-Y’s, full serpentine setup, easily 330 HP, has about...
  6. Jetfire

    Seals for a 1st Gen

    Just wanted to double check with you guys. Looking at seals for the project. Is LMC a good way to go, or are there other options with better quality or price? Starting with their "cab seal kit" and pieces for the tailgate.
  7. grevels

    Top Removed

    I have been wanting to remove the top since I "borrowed" the Blazer from my uncle two years ago (I now own it). I finally got one project out of the garage and go it clean enough to pull the Blazer in. Now was to figure out how to do this by myself. I had some 2" x 8" boards that were the right...
  8. Project "RESPAWN"

    Restomod Project "RESPAWN"

    Project "RESPAWN" 1972 K5 Blazer CST Color - original dark blue Uncut dash with factory AM radio Uncut lower inside door panels Factory non - air conditioning Factory tachometer Rare factory throttle control "very solid" 700R4 automatic transmission Grill, both inner and outer in great...
  9. CK5

    Project "RESPAWN" - 1972 K5 Blazer

    CK5 submitted a new Build: 1972 K5 Blazer - Project "CST" (Cash Sweat & Tears) 1972 K5 Blazer - Project "CST" (Cash Sweat & Tears) Just picked up a 1972 K5 Blazer CST... Going to strip the rest of the interior and get some estimates on body work before I start this project so I know what...
  10. '72 K5 - Old Yeller - suspension upgrade time

    Restomod '72 K5 - Old Yeller - suspension upgrade time

    I've loved 67-72 blazers since my first one back in high school. it was a rusted out POS, but I loved it. about 12 years ago I bought another one with the intention of treating it a little better. :D I fixed my '72 up about 10 years ago, but its been parked outside so, I'm going to have to do...
  11. ashman

    '72 K5 - BYT - rust repair and sound deadening

    ashman submitted a new Build: '72 K5 - Old Yeller - back on the road page-4 Hydroboost and windstar fans page-13 Removable rear seat mod page-14 First Gen windshield bar for soft top page-18 LS Swap parts - Now it’s actually a build thread! page-19 pin out for ‘04 LQ4 page-21 Gauge cluster...
  12. '72 K5 - AJ's Overbuilt Cruiser Build

    Restomod '72 K5 - AJ's Overbuilt Cruiser Build

    It all started here in 2007: And so it begins....
  13. '72 K5 - Greg's "Might As Well™" Build

    Restomod '72 K5 - Greg's "Might As Well™" Build

  14. Greg72

    '72 K5 - Greg's "Might As Well™" Build - !! FIREWALLS AND FLARE... !!

    Greg72 submitted a new Build: '72 K5 - Greg's "Might As Well™" Build Read more about this build here...