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  1. The road to one tons

    The road to one tons

    My passion for squarebodys started when I was young, my earliest memories are riding in my dads red oxide primer 79 k5. It was just a rough blazer with a small lift and 33” mud tires that never seemed to let us down. It was his daily driver that we wheeled on weekends, there was just something...
  2. 84 cucv m1009 “ The Camper Crawler”

    Offroad 84 cucv m1009 “ The Camper Crawler”

    I figured I should start a build thread here. It’s a 1984 m1009. The truck was a pile of junk when purchased. It needed new bedsides, floors, rockers and lower b pillars. The windshield area was toast and so was alot of other things. I completely disassembled the truck down to the last bolt...
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