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  1. 6872xtc

    Sold NP241C mechanical speedo parts

    I have the speedometer housing from an '89 NP241C. It's complete with both the drive and driven gears. I believe that this was in a suburban with 3:73 gears, but I can't say for sure. I know that the aluminum could clean up even more. $100 plus shipping
  2. '72 K5 - Old Yeller - suspension upgrade time

    Restomod '72 K5 - Old Yeller - suspension upgrade time

    I've loved 67-72 blazers since my first one back in high school. it was a rusted out POS, but I loved it. about 12 years ago I bought another one with the intention of treating it a little better. :D I fixed my '72 up about 10 years ago, but its been parked outside so, I'm going to have to do...
  3. ashman

    '72 K5 - BYT - rust repair and sound deadening

    ashman submitted a new Build: '72 K5 - Old Yeller - back on the road page-4 Hydroboost and windstar fans page-13 Removable rear seat mod page-14 First Gen windshield bar for soft top page-18 LS Swap parts - Now it’s actually a build thread! page-19 pin out for ‘04 LQ4 page-21 Gauge cluster...
  4. NP241 Doubler

    NP241 Doubler

  5. NP241 Doubler

    NP241 Doubler

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