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  1. 72  GMC 2500

    72 GMC 2500

    I picked up this 72 GMC 2500 with a blown engine a couple of weeks ago. The plan is to convert it to 4x4 using tinworks fab spring brackets. I plan to stick a used 350 or 400 sbc in it and run a 400 trans and 208 t case.
  2. The Bruin

    The Bruin

    Here is a 1989 Suburban I just picked up. It was a research rig for the University of Wyoming. Prof. Hank Harlow used this truck to research bears all over the rockies. The research included how bears hibernate and applications in medicine concerning muscle deterioration. He would crawl into...
  3. 1991 GMC Sub, Name TBD

    1991 GMC Sub, Name TBD

    After my original build of a suburban was destroyed by a drunk driver a few months ago, I went and bought another suburban to carry on the legacy. The previous 'Burb had an '01 5.3/4l60/241 combo, this time around I'm gearing up for a Gen V L83 swap! The 5.3 L83 was sourced from a wrecking/pull...
  4. Suburban k9

    Extra heavy duty axles

    Does anybody know if there are heavy duty/severe duty axle shafts for IFS Chevy trucks? My 2001 k2500 8.1L 4l80e 14BFF has 210,000 miles on it now so I am wanting to update worn front end parts and want to go as HD as possible. Thanks , Griz.
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