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  1. jake 03

    1990 v2500 suburban. Front bumper done .

    jake 03 submitted a new Build: 1990 v2500 suburban. The family adventure wagon Read more about this build here...
  2. Thomas Fournier

    Transmission dilemma 4l80e / th400

    Hello all, I have pretty much decided to go with a 4L80E swap in my 1977 K20 pickup. It has a sbc 350, np241 and 4.56 gears. Unless there is some new information as to why i need to scream down the freeway at 2900 gonna go with a 4L80. I know the th400 is a badass trans but mine is...
  3. Building "Nightmare" (78 GMC Jimmy)

    Building "Nightmare" (78 GMC Jimmy)

    I figured I'd hop on here and make a build thread for my current project like so many of you guys have. I think after attending my first blazer bash my inspiration and desire to dig back into my truck was renewed. This is my 1978 GMC JIMMY that has gained the nickname Nightmare due to it...
  4. Bent77

    The Bent77 K10

    bent72 submitted a new Build: the-bent77-k10-Does not do automatics Index: page-1 leaf spring/steering talk page-3 flat tops and tire balancing, Lift, D44 powr lok, leaf spring spec link page-6 7747 ECM talk, fender cutting page-12 5215 bilstein shocks page-16 hidden winch mount page-21...
  5. 1981 K5

    1981 K5

    6" suspension lift, 3" Body lift. Homemade bumpers.
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