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383 stroker

  1. vaporlock

    Rescued From A Field: 63 Chevy Impala Convertible

    I've had this car for 15 years now so this is gonna be a long emotional story. I was around 16 or 17 when I first saw a photo of a 63 Impala, it was red with black interior, and I instantly fell in love, in my opinion the 63 is absolute perfection, the most beautiful vehicle ever built. I told...
  2. MT Bill

    350 TBI to 383 with Flo Pro Swap

    Hello, First time DIY engine swap for this guy so any tips and advice are welcome as I will probably have plenty of questions and dumb ideas. My 1990 GMC V1500 Suburban with a 350 and 700R4 lost its 350 TBI motor this summer. I have always wanted a 383 stroker, so I figured now or never. My...
  3. Project Smoke Wagon

    Project Smoke Wagon

    I purchased my first K5/Jimmy September 2019 dubbed the Project Smoke Wagon. I have been wanting one of these for a very—very long time. When I picked it up it was a running driving unit. It needs some work but nothing out of the realm of my capabilities. Almost all the rubber needs replacing...
  4. 85 K5 --- CHOPPED! Edition

    85 K5 --- CHOPPED! Edition

    Hello all! Anthony out of South Houston, TX area. What we have here is a 1985 K5. Blueprint engine upgrade (383 stroker) paired with a 700r4 from monster. Current Plans: 1. Install bench seats in the rear so my daughter can enjoy. 2. I recently got a window frame from another member here off...
  5. Project Frostbite 1 ton K5 build

    Project Frostbite 1 ton K5 build

    So I started this build a while ago and also have it posted on pirate4x4 but there is a lot of people on here that are not on pirate so I figured I would show my work here as well. Lots of good tech on here and I love hearing peoples feedback. I will do my best to get all my other post on here...
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