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454 swap

  1. mrk5

    Questions about 454 swap

    Been doing a lot of searching and reading about 454 swaps and I have a few general questions I'm curious about. Do I need to plan on putting a different radiator in my truck. The radiator I have now does an adequate job of cooling the TBI 350, but I've never felt it was great. I've chalked this...
  2. 90 Z71 454 swap

    90 Z71 454 swap

    So I'm in the middle of installing a 6 inch skyjacker on my 90 SC/SB dd. I'm having a few issues since the kit is NOS that a friend purchased 10 years ago for a different truck. My biggest concern is weather or no I should bolt the upper A arm brackets to the frame like the directions say or...
  3. Joe91M

    90 Z71 454 swap

    Joe91M submitted a new Build: 90 Z71 454 swap Read more about this build here...
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