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  1. 85 k5 Red Furry

    85 k5 Red Furry

    Hi there. I have finally decided to start restoring/ building my dream k5 after 15 years of having it. Its was my first vehicle and did a teenager well for 3 years and then sat for 10 years and is now time to give life back to this 1985 k5 blazer. For now im starting with the simple things to...
  2. nimak5

    GA 1974 K5 Blazer For Sale

    Sad to post this, but for sale is my project 1974 Chevy K5 Blazer full convertible, as I've moved on to other hobbies. The truck was originally black. Asking $10,000 or best offer. With a little body work and paint work, this could be a really nice truck. Located in Atlanta, GA. Here is...
  3. Earldub21

    WA 1988 454 TBI

    I have a 454 TBI out of a 1988 k3500 that I used to have. No need for it as I am going away from TBI. Will need a cleaning or rebuild. Ran awesome before pulled. Asking $200 plus shipping.
  4. 454k5blazer

    '85 K5 w/ 454 Carbed, wanting to convert...

    Wanting to convert my fuel system and have been thinking about going to EFI. Is it more reliable? Is the gas mileage worth it? Is there any better options out there?
  5. Capt Ron

    Found 454 flywheel for 1 piece rear main seal

    I am needing a 1 piece rear main seal flywheel for my L29 install. Please note externally balanced 454 flywheel. Thanks
  6. Joe91M

    Ga 77K5 in VT

    Joe91M submitted a new Build: Ga 77K5 Read more about this build here...
  7. Ga/ Vt 77K5

    Restoration Ga/ Vt 77K5

    So I have always wanted a K5, but I have always passed up on buying one because of rust, timing, money or some other excuse. I have had a few different mud trucks, but I always get jealous when I see a nice blazer at the mud bogs or on the street. Until last week, I really thought that I was...
  8. Burbie, the build that wasn’t supposed to happen right now but is anyway.

    Burbie, the build that wasn’t supposed to happen right now but is anyway.

    This is the wife’s burb, she wanted stuffs done and I was on the hook for a while and now I am doing it 1 week before KOH.. yah it sux.. Plans are fully desmog, clean up engine bay to allow ease of service. Long toobs Hptuners used to unlock all the awesomeness the big block has hiding in...
  9. FWP

    CA 88 C20 Suburban in Oxnard CA- $1200

    1988 C20 Suburban located in Oxnard, CA $1200 Cash only please, title is clear. Here's the fun details :) 454 Big block TBI running motor TH400- moves, but slips. 14 Bolt FF rear Independent Front and Rear Air conditioning- Works Independent Front and Rear heat- Works All electric door...
  10. Joe91M

    4l80E to 700r4 help (99 burb)

    I have a 99 k2500 suburban with a 454/4l80e/246c. I am sick of replacing the transfer case. It's a crappy job on a good day with where I'm working. I happen to have a built 700r4 with a ford pattern (driver side drop) 205. Mechanically, I have no issues with the swap. It's a daily driver and my...
  11. 454Sub

    90 R1500 Suburban Build

    454Sub submitted a new Build: 90 R1500 Suburban Build Read more about this build here...
  12. 90 R1500 Suburban Build

    90 R1500 Suburban Build

    Guess I can start one of these to document my build so I can maybe keep track of what it has become these days. Many of these pictures will be way out of order, and from now on I will fix that. But I just discovered how to link a phone and the PC. :haha: Anyways, on with the build...
  13. 76zimmer

    77K5. The IronMaiden...9/2 headed for Blazer Bash 20!

    76zimmer submitted a new Build: 77K5. The IronMaiden....Lunched the trans. thanks @Bent77 for the detailed page listing! Read more about this build here... This page includes parts gather and wheel cleaning page-4 Shaving a 14BFF pig, Cab/Chassis axle width vs ¾ ton page-6 DIY4x single...
  14. Grizzly Projects

    Grizzly Projects

    Good ol blue, my favorite tow rig.
  15. Grizzly Projects

    Grizzly Projects

    Good ol blue, my favorite tow rig
  16. Grizzly Projects

    Grizzly Projects

    Good ol blue, my favorite tow rig
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