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  1. Dirt Drag 4 TW

    Dirt Drag 4 TW

    Dirt drags round 4 truck vs willys
  2. Dirt Drag 3T

    Dirt Drag 3T

    Dirt drags round 3 chevy truck vs truck
  3. Dirt Drag 2T

    Dirt Drag 2T

    Round 2 Chevy truck vs truck
  4. Dirt Drag 1T

    Dirt Drag 1T

    Round 1 Truck vs mustang on nitrous
  5. CT Blazer 1970 K5 4WD CST

    Offroad CT Blazer 1970 K5 4WD CST

    First Blazer I’ve owned and first restoration I have undertaken. Nervous about some of it but this website has been great for info so I figured I would document all of this build in case it helps somebody else in the future watching my mistakes, struggles, and progress. Hoping to finish this...
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