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  1. rileymurph41

    86 k5 4x4 6.0 swap discussion

    Ok everyone. My 454 just took a dump and I happen to have a LQ4 6.0 with a 4L60E ready to go from my Yukon. Have the complete Yukon. Anyone ever done a swap? Curious as to what issues I will run into like motor mounts, crossmembers, power steering pump lines, radiator, blah blah. Blazer...
  2. Johnd1987

    1987 K5 6.0 swap with a 4l80e transmission. Need help with electronic integration with the truck

    I won’t have a problem with getting the engine in the truck. I’m not sure how I’m going to get all the computer and wiring to sync with the truck. Any information on parts or tips to do the swap would be awesome. Thanks
  3. 1991 V2500 Suburban

    1991 V2500 Suburban

    Was looking for a clean rust free and unmolested Suburban for a family fun vehicle. Took about a year to find this one. I almost gave up on this one as it was listed many times on facebook market place but the seller never responded to any of my inquiries and did not list a telephone number...
  4. '72 K5 - Old Yeller - suspension upgrade time

    Restomod '72 K5 - Old Yeller - suspension upgrade time

    I've loved 67-72 blazers since my first one back in high school. it was a rusted out POS, but I loved it. about 12 years ago I bought another one with the intention of treating it a little better. :D I fixed my '72 up about 10 years ago, but its been parked outside so, I'm going to have to do...
  5. ashman

    '72 K5 - BYT - rust repair and sound deadening

    ashman submitted a new Build: '72 K5 - Old Yeller - back on the road page-4 Hydroboost and windstar fans page-13 Removable rear seat mod page-14 First Gen windshield bar for soft top page-18 LS Swap parts - Now it’s actually a build thread! page-19 pin out for ‘04 LQ4 page-21 Gauge cluster...
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