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  1. 84 Optimized M1009

    Daily Driver 84 Optimized M1009

    After a hard 8-9 years of Banishment, The CK5 Gods are giving me another chance. Please forgive my political comments years ago… My old build thread was derailed and missing all of the pictures. Starting fresh…
  2. B

    1982 k30 454 to 6.2 ?

    Hi. I have a 1982 k30 crew cab 4x4 with np205 and was originally a 6.2. I have a wrecked m1008 that is in pretty good shape with 60000 original miles. I am wanting to put the 6.2 back into the k30. What do I need to change? I know torque converter but are radiators different? Sending unit? I...
  3. Rocco's 77 K5 Blazer - Frame Off 6.2/6L80 Build

    Rocco's 77 K5 Blazer - Frame Off 6.2/6L80 Build

    I purchased this Blazer back in October 2015 with plans for a modest trail/camping rig in mind. It was in decent shape at the time, and I already had several other projects in the works, so I didn't want to get overly ambitious with the build -- mainly wanted to focus on the interior, cosmetic...
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