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  1. AZ79K5Project

    Picked up a 700R4

    I scored a 700R4 today at a local yard. I went yesterday for TBI fuel lines and found the 1990 1500 with the drive lines out of the way and transfer case already dropped. I’m swapping a TH350/203 to the 700R4/203. I’ll go through the 203 when I drop it. The 700R4’s fluid is bright with no...
  2. anwat

    torque converter lockup in any gear

    Can someone explain to me the advantages of wiring a torque converter that can be locked in any gear? Specifically, I just bought a truck that has the 700r4 wired so that it will lockup in any gear with the flip of a switch. Other than being able to stall the truck just by stopping, why would...
  3. Thomas Fournier

    Transmission cooler?

    Hey guys, any suggestions on what type/brand/model of transmission cooler would you recommend? I’m currently running the stick radiator cooler, but I wanted to get an external one to better keep my TH400 cool. Fan/no fan? Finned? Aluminum? I would like to keep it affordable, but quality is...
  4. C

    1987 K5 build

    Hello, This is my first post here I have a few questions I would like some help with. First, whats been peoples experience with interior parts from LMC truck? I am looking at ordering their dash pad along with some other dash parts. How about LMC truck carpeting also anyone have experience...
  5. ColoradoSlim

    Engine swap in my '85 Blazer

    I have an 85 K5 Blazer with a 305 4bbl Q-jet and a 700r4 k case 4x4, all mechanical hookups. I picked up a 350 tbi with most parts to make it work off a 95 Blazer, however a lot of the research I have done makes it seem I wont be able to use the ECM with the 700r4? Is there an adapter I can use...
  6. Wes Harden

    Wes's Burb build/update/maintance

    So after converting my 77 sub, sbc, q jet carb, np205, 4.10, 33, to use a 700r4, the truck ran horrible up any grade in 3 and 4th. I pulled the carb off and ran spray carb cleaner and compressed air through all passages, new gaskets, etc. Recheck/set adjustments. Truck ran pretty good for @ 200...
  7. Too Nice to Tear Up

    Too Nice to Tear Up

    I bought this 1978 K5 Blazer, in July, 2006, from the wife of the second owner, after he died. I was looking for a Blazer to cut up, and turn into a "rock crawler", so a K5 for $500, seemed like a good start. I went to her house, and out of the garage came a really nice, not rust free, but...
  8. 85 K5 --- CHOPPED! Edition

    85 K5 --- CHOPPED! Edition

    Hello all! Anthony out of South Houston, TX area. What we have here is a 1985 K5. Blueprint engine upgrade (383 stroker) paired with a 700r4 from monster. Current Plans: 1. Install bench seats in the rear so my daughter can enjoy. 2. I recently got a window frame from another member here off...
  9. 84squarebody

    Transfercase fluid leak

    Well just when I think I’m done! 208 TC shooting fluid out vent when I’m on the throttle. And brand new tranny slipping at WOT. Pretty sure shop didn’t do TV cable correctly. Rebuilt 208TC and new Bow tie Overdrives 700R4. I need some new luck and mechanic.
  10. Sailorjim new build

    Sailorjim new build

    I just dropped a rod at the same time the truck was going in the transmission shop you can't make this up
  11. K

    Th700r4 swap to Th400

    so I have a 1982 k5 and it has rear wheel drive. Right now I am swapping my tranny from 700r4 to the 3 speed 400 and need advice on the actual swap itself. I'm gonna need a new driveshaft and how should I go about choosing the correct one please help thank you
  12. the_blaze

    PLAN B

    the_blaze submitted a new Build: PLAN B Read more about this build here...
  13. PLAN B

    PLAN B

    This build was 2 parts 1 i have a truck I made to pretty to wheel so I'm building an ugly one I can actually enjoy. And 2. My cousin has been trying to join us for blazer bash but his truck wont be ready so we are surprising him with this one
  14. Joe91M

    4l80E to 700r4 help (99 burb)

    I have a 99 k2500 suburban with a 454/4l80e/246c. I am sick of replacing the transfer case. It's a crappy job on a good day with where I'm working. I happen to have a built 700r4 with a ford pattern (driver side drop) 205. Mechanically, I have no issues with the swap. It's a daily driver and my...
  15. wildweaselmi

    Torque Converter Help Please

    I have a 91 with a GM Crate HT383 motor and a 700R4 (or the 4l60 without the e). The trans guy put a 3500 stall converter and its sluggish. My thought is it should be a 2800 stall but looking for advice to get the most power (Highway and Offroad) Gearing: 4:56 Tires: 37.5" Attached power...
  16. the_blaze

    Building "Nightmare" (78 GMC Jimmy)

    the_blaze submitted a new Build: Building "Nightmare" (78 GMC Jimmy) Read more about this build here...
  17. Building "Nightmare" (78 GMC Jimmy)

    Building "Nightmare" (78 GMC Jimmy)

    I figured I'd hop on here and make a build thread for my current project like so many of you guys have. I think after attending my first blazer bash my inspiration and desire to dig back into my truck was renewed. This is my 1978 GMC JIMMY that has gained the nickname Nightmare due to it...
  18. 1979 K10 SWB "Jolly Green Giant"

    Offroad 1979 K10 SWB "Jolly Green Giant"

    I call my truck "The Price Is Right" for a couple of reasons. First off, I traded a friend's father for it. I fixed his wife's Pontiac, he gave me this truck. The second reason is because I am sourcing as much of this build as possible from either junkyards or classifieds or parts trucks, etc. I...
  19. Justin V

    1979 K10 SWB "Jolly Green Giant"

    Justin V submitted a new Build: 79 K10 SWB Read more about this build here...
  20. 1972 GMC K5 then and now, carb no mo

    1972 GMC K5 then and now, carb no mo

    Hey all, been a member for few years and commented here and there but haven't been too active. I thoroughly enjoy the forum and the immense wealth of knowledge that is available and shared here. The best investment i make ever year is renewing my membership. Anywho after roughly 13 years...
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