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  1. 72 K/5 CST Rebuild.  PNW Custom -

    Restomod 72 K/5 CST Rebuild. PNW Custom -

    Been in the family for 40 years. Mom bought it from the original owners, drove it for years, pulled horse trailer, farm rig, ect. I got it from her, lifted and beat the shit out of it and then... sadly, let her sit (marriage, kids, Air Force, private pilot license, built a house, built a shop...
  2. Restoring my dream cruiser - 72 K5

    Restoring my dream cruiser - 72 K5

    Hey everyone, brand new Gen 1 Blazer owner here. Very new to everything actually. I picked up this truck about 3 months ago and have been working with my father in law to get it running and road ready. I fell in love with the International Scout when i was in high school back in the 90's and...
  3. grevels


    What is everyone running for some upgraded headlights? I love the brightness of the HID's I am running on my Avalanche. I do not like the looks of any of the aftermarket replacement lights. Is there anything that looks stock in appearance? Thanks, Greg
  4. Washington peat ground.

    Washington peat ground.

    Ah.. my first time playin in the mud with my Blazer. Had Wagon wheels and BFG AT's on there.
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