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  1. Lemond

    Wanted '75 K5 AC Fan Switch

    Anyone know where I can find NOS or used but operable 4-position AC fan/blower switch for a '75 K5? All new parts on line have the 4-terminal on the back, but I am looking to replace with the original 5-terminal type. (5th terminal is common ground, but I would rather not splice the old leads.)...
  2. Lemond

    K5 (75) truck cover

    Hi, folks! Relatively new to the forum, but have been lurking for a while. After a fairly exhaustive search here and on line, I'm wondering if anyone knows of truck covers they either do or do not like that are made to fit the old K5s? (Or point me to a thread I may have missed that has any...
  3. Mountain Man's K5 Extended Cab Flatbed Project

    Mountain Man's K5 Extended Cab Flatbed Project

    I recently acquired a 1975 K5 Blazer from a guy in town for $800. I did this because I know inevitably my current 4x4/Winter rig is going to have a catastrophic failure at the worst possible moment and that can kill you up here in North Idaho. It gets pretty cold up here and we currently have...
  4. Left Side Rocker

    Left Side Rocker

    Nothing left. Was already fixed once...years ago.
  5. Floorboard hole

    Floorboard hole

    Pulled the carpet back, found this hole in the floor.
  6. Interior removed

    Interior removed

    Took out all the seats and carpet, hundreds of ants were living under that nasty carpet.
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