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  1. Blue85

    MI Wanted: 8.1L engine parts

    Will replace 6.0 in 2003 Suburban 2500. May end up purchasing a donor truck to have all the bits and pieces, but will also look for deals on engine by itself.
  2. SpeedlabDan

    What keeps me up at night...

    Anyone have any luck, experience or luck with a surge tank in conjunction with a vortec Efi system? Particularly the L18 8.1l I'll be running? I'm swapping my engine and hopefully keeping both tanks... Long story short, the selection valve only uses a 5/16 return port and the return on the...
  3. Ate one Molotov/resurrection 3+3, 8.1L /magnum/Allison

    Restomod Ate one Molotov/resurrection 3+3, 8.1L /magnum/Allison

    Since my K5 is spiraling out of control... I needs a tow pig! Super strait and solid (fist size rot hole in the driver rocker) 6"suspension lift and 3"body lift. Dana 60/70. L18 8.1L /Allison 1000 5SPD, MAGNUM planetary underdrive and np205. 38.5x11x16" super swamper boggers on factory/dealer...
  4. SpeedlabDan

    Ate one Molotov/resurrection 3+3, 8.1L /magnum/Allison

    SpeedlabDan submitted a new Build: My new tow pig 3+3 Read more about this build here...
  5. ZooMad75

    '91 K5 Four Wheel Camper

    ZooMad75 submitted a new Build: '91 K5.3 Blazer Read more about this build here... This page is the onset of the 5.3L install page-3 Start of D44 build, Hagerman Pass page-4 CV shaft clearance page-5 Prop valve retro fit to 73-89 page-12 Driveline math explained page-13 RPO code list out...
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