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84 k5 blazer

  1. Don’t tell Wife how much this is gonna cost

    Offroad Don’t tell Wife how much this is gonna cost

    Started with 84 Jimmy only 70k original miles, put on lift kit, new tires, 383 stroker, Bow tie Overdrives 700R4, Fitech fuel injection, Yukon gear axles. Still tuning fitech, took a bit to get tranny shifting right. Wish I’d done some research before the 700R4 with 4.56 gears- just too low...
  2. P

    84 K5 Camping Rig "nickname tbd"

    This past summer I picked up an 84 K5 to build as my dedicated camping/light wheeling rig. She was a little beat up with no motor or trans. Since then I've picked up a totaled 02 Tahoe with 5.3/4l60e combo to swap into my K5. Still deciding how I get exactly what I want out of my K5. Currently...
  3. Cwn Anwyn's 84 K5 rebuild

    Cwn Anwyn's 84 K5 rebuild

    I guess I'll document the changes and work done on my Blazer, or Lack of Work done to it if I go by how long I've had this thing! I've had this K5 since probably 94 or so. I got it right around when I joined the Army. PCS'd with it up to WA state where I blew up the 305 in it and replaced it...
  4. cwn anwyn

    Cwn Anwyn's 84 K5 rebuild

    cwn anwyn submitted a new Build: Cwn Anwyn's 84 K5 rebuild Read more about this build here...
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