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  1. ripple1973

    When driving low speed and A/C on car gets hot.

    When i have the A/C on and driving down the highway car dosent get hot. but if i am driving low speeds or at the light the car will heat up. I have replaced in the last year Compressor, all the lines, accumulator, orifice tube 4 Core aluminium radiator, Severe Duty fan, and external transmission...
  2. Krewe Chief

    Broken fan switch - replace the whole assembly?

    [This is my first post outside of the intro thread so hopefully this is in the right spot!] I have a 1973 K5 with A/C, but the A/C doesn't work (haven't tried to diagnose that issue yet). So literally the day after I brought the truck home, I accidentally broke the fan switch (left side in...
  3. wallerus

    Air conditioning

    WTF. Why in Gods name does everyone remove air conditioning. It's a 5000 pound truck the 20 pound a/c compressor won't get you any extra mileage, and it only uses horse power if you turn it on. I see trucks that live in 115 degrees and they remove the a/c. Completely confused.
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