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  1. K5wrench

    ORD 3" lift kit with shackle flip

    I installed an ORD 3" lift kit on my m1009. Identical to a 1986 K5 Blazer. Front Tuff Country HD springs for 3" lift. Rear Shackle flip for 4" lift. Here is some testing video i made. In the notes i have some info regarding driveshaft and pinion angles after shackle flip. I looked a lot of...
  2. Rear shacle droop

    Rear shacle droop

    Here is my rear shackle angle when not compressed.
  3. Rear shackle compressed

    Rear shackle compressed

    Here is my rear shackle angle when compressed.
  4. Build up

    Build up

    sick rear departure for a k5. nice tight bumper fit too.
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