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  1. Calvo

    AZ (5) Hard to find ProComp Series 75 Trilogy Race Bead lock Wheels - Machined (17x9 / 6x5.5 / -30mm)

    Click here for Video This model is sold out almost everywhere - including Amazon! Offering up 5 lightly used copies for $2000!! Paraphrased version of the manufacturer's description: The next-generation Pro Comp Bead lock Wheel is here to take on the most extreme terrain imaginable. The new...
  2. 1B0BB88B-5FC2-4882-A895-C78C6576E5B6.jpeg


    Trailready beadlock spacer rings
  3. KL7

    Sold H2 Wheels, Staun Beadlocks, Super Swamper 39.5 Iroks

    $1500 for everything. H2 Wheels - some rock rash, but wheels are still in good shape. 8x6.5 lug pattern. 17"x8.5" with 5.5" of backspacing. Staun Beadlocks - pneumatic double internal beadlock system. These use a heavy-duty liner and inner tube to create a safe and simple beadlock. You...
  4. M

    Best Price for Rock A Thons

    About to purchase some Allied Rock a Thons, 17 x 9.5 8 lug RT8179580 I've been researching price and was surprised at the wide range. I've found them as low as $308 with free shipping. Anyone know of a better price?
  5. M

    Motobilt DIY Beadlock kits 17" Wheels

    Motobilt "Traps" 17" DIY Beadlock Kit SKU MB4033 Motobilt "Simple" 17" DIY Beadlock Kit SKU MB4037
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