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bench seat

  1. K

    CA FREE!! Squarebody K5 rear Bench Seats - 73-75 and mid 80s + billet dash parts

    EDIT: The internet has helped identify these - First one is from a 73-75 K5, second is the mid-80s K5. Hey folks, my 1970 came with two bench seats, not sure exactly what years they are from. Also a grab bag of seatbelts - dark blue and black, I will throw in with the benches. The first one...
  2. Wes Harden

    77 burb out with the bench in with buckets

    So a long while back I snagged a lot of 84 burb interior parts(blue if someone needs something). I put saddle covers on the bucket seats and am installing now. The 2 out board bracket holes line up nicely, the rear inboard sits about right on top of padding and carpet. The front inboard is the...
  3. SpeedlabDan

    Bench seat cover recommendations

    So eventually I'll need new foam but for now my seat isn't torn in my 3+3. I'd like to find a nice set of plain bench seat covers. I like the carhart covers but they only come in a modern bucket configuration which is dumb. Had the old saddle blanket covers but they're just OK. What's all the...
  4. J

    Wanted 1969-1972 Blazer/Jimmy Rear Seat

    Looking for a back seat for my 1972 Jimmy. Want to stay with original rear seat for 1969-1972 even though the other years will fit.
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