1. P

    Wanted 73-77 K5 Blazer Chassis

    Looking for '73-'77 K5 Blazer chassis (rolling or with drive train) for a '75. What's available out there? Have contacts in California that can inspect condition. Thanks
  2. Z

    Upgrading 1977 K5 Wiper System

    I just bought a 77 k5. It has a one speed wiper switch on the dash with no washer. It has a floppy blinker lever that doesn't engage turn signals. I want to upgrade all this. I'm wondering if there's a way, while retaining the stock steering column, that I could move the wiper controls to the...
  3. rileymurph41

    Seat fitment

    Anyone know if seats from an 80 k5 will fit an 86 k5? Are the seat brackets the same?
  4. 78 blazer ls swap

    78 blazer ls swap

  5. rileymurph41

    Wanted 1980 seats in an 86 also k5 vs k10

    Will 1980 blazer seats fit into an 86 without bracket modification? also what’s the deal with k5/k10. My blazers title says k10 blazer on it. Thanks everyone.
  6. blaznjon

    Wanted Console for 1987 Jimmy,Blazer california

    Looking for a console for 1987 k5. Brown would be ideal. In california.
  7. Restoring my dream cruiser - 72 K5

    Restoring my dream cruiser - 72 K5

    Hey everyone, brand new Gen 1 Blazer owner here. Very new to everything actually. I picked up this truck about 3 months ago and have been working with my father in law to get it running and road ready. I fell in love with the International Scout when i was in high school back in the 90's and...
  8. rileymurph41

    New to the blazer world

    Hey everyone. New to the blazer world. Wanted one for years and finally made the plunge 1986 blazer classic custom (I believe) 4x4 1999 GM 7.4 H beam rods Full chromoly roller rocker Holley efi TBI Flat top pistons Cammed Much more 1999 factory air 4L80E 14 bolt Chevy rear end Np208 Pretty...
  9. 1990 K5 Blazer Project "Side-Chick"

    1990 K5 Blazer Project "Side-Chick"

    I figured it was time to actually post up a build thread so everyone can point and laugh at the NOOB. I picked up my donor truck about a year ago. She was not a cherry survivor, nor was she a pile of rust. It ran, I could dive it, and there really wasn't much rust or damage to deal with. All in...
  10. Cadden

    Brake line, fuel line routing, diagram, or pics

    Been searching thru for a bit, not sure if i have found the exact answer I am looking for. My 1970 Jimmy came with all new brake lines and fuel lines. The only problem, all the old brake lines were already removed prior to me obtaining the vehicle. Is it the same routing for pickups? Does...
  11. Kicker


    Im thinking this is going to be a frame off, resto-mod. Main thing is to remove all rust, get everything back to near factory and drivable to alleviate any gremlins, then start going into the custom stuff. Final build should look like this: awesome two tone blazer with factory hard top, new...
  12. The Brandy Build

    The Brandy Build

    Page 1-3 paint stripping and transmission cleanup Page 4-7 transfer case cleanup, transmission swap (start), frame removal and cleanup with suspension. Page 8-? Metal work and...
  13. Reel.Adventure

    Frame Game

    Hey Everyone, It is just about time to start the build of my 87 K5 Blazer. On the list of things accomplish is a motor swap, complete suspension rebuild, new axles, gearing, manual trans conversion, roll cage, and a healthy amount of body work. For most of these topics I have been able to find...
  14. Red Velvet | 1983 Chevy K5 Blazer

    Red Velvet | 1983 Chevy K5 Blazer

    Purchased Oct 2019 Was in the Netflix series "the sinner" in season one where they wrapped it in a black Project one: Rear section rust removal. DONE Dec 2019 Tail pan, tail beam, rear floor, support beams and back half body mounts. All body heavy lifting is being done by Winsor Classic in...
  15. My first blazer

    My first blazer

    Learning the hard way on my first blazer!
  16. Project "Chica Blanca"1972 Jimmy

    Project "Chica Blanca"1972 Jimmy

    Simple Restomod build to have as a daily driver.
  17. CK5

    ICON 1969 Chevy Blazer for sale at $265,000...

    Discuss Specs: $265,000 Originally built back in 2015. One-of-One, custom ICON Reformer. Impossible to duplicate at this price, and we will not repeat the design anyway! That is part of why these custom ICON projects stay so special. Only 1200 miles since completed, the owner said it was too...
  18. 1990 K5 - Adventure Wheeler: Tons, Cage, etc.

    1990 K5 - Adventure Wheeler: Tons, Cage, etc.

    Going through the old girl and trying to make a mild wheeler that can be driven to and from trail heads
  19. ColoradoSlim

    Engine swap in my '85 Blazer

    I have an 85 K5 Blazer with a 305 4bbl Q-jet and a 700r4 k case 4x4, all mechanical hookups. I picked up a 350 tbi with most parts to make it work off a 95 Blazer, however a lot of the research I have done makes it seem I wont be able to use the ECM with the 700r4? Is there an adapter I can use...
  20. ashman

    The 2nd one - it runs!

    ashman submitted a new Build: The 2nd one Read more about this build here...