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body work

  1. 7

    Door striker cracked out patch weld in how to video

    Here is a video outlining how to patch in a door striker repair if yours have cracked out. Didnt see any good how to on this on YouTube so I made one. Cut the areas needed out of a solid donor cab and whittled it down. To a patch to include those small bends on either side to look OEM. Hope it...
  2. Reel.Adventure

    Frame Game

    Hey Everyone, It is just about time to start the build of my 87 K5 Blazer. On the list of things accomplish is a motor swap, complete suspension rebuild, new axles, gearing, manual trans conversion, roll cage, and a healthy amount of body work. For most of these topics I have been able to find...
  3. RoccoK5

    Any Experience with "Restoration Grade" Body Panels from GMC Pauls?

    I'm in the process of tearing down my 77 K5 and planning out the build, and am considering replacing the fenders, hood, and door shells. The parts currently on my truck aren't terrible; the fenders do have some rust and the doors and hood would need some work before paint. Just thinking that if...
  4. Tyler Hart

    87 K5 Fender Flare Help

    Hello, I've been reading the forums about different ideas tried but nothing seems to be quite what I'm looking for. My truck is an 87 K5 with a 6in. lift and Im running 40/16 Super Swampers on a 16x10 Beadlock. I purchased a set of Bushwacker cut out flares and installed them, and the tires will...
  5. TeamVoorhees

    TX BUSHWACKER Fender flares (front and rear sets)

    Set of 4 New in Boxes. Never installed, never used. Front and Rear. 3" flare for 73-87 Chevy, GMC Pickup and 81 - 91 Suburban Blazer. These are the Non-riveted ones and they require the bottom corners of the wheel wells/fenders be trimmed. Includes instructions, 4 fender flares, Bushwacker...
  6. Cakester

    Auto body and paint recommendations

    I have a 73' K5 that needs some minor body work and some fresh paint. I'm having a hard time finding someone in Colorado that can do a quality job at an affordable price. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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