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    Where to get good quality U-bolts

    Lifted my truck the other weekend but learned the hard way that the GM Trailboss U-bolts wouldn't fit my truck after the 2" block was added. Picked up some parts store U bolts and everything seemed alright, if meh, until I was tightening down the last nut. Thing stripped. Not a big fan of the...
  2. nimak5

    GA 1974 K5 Blazer For Sale

    Sad to post this, but for sale is my project 1974 Chevy K5 Blazer full convertible, as I've moved on to other hobbies. The truck was originally black. Asking $10,000 or best offer. With a little body work and paint work, this could be a really nice truck. Located in Atlanta, GA. Here is...
  3. S10 with 14 bolt

    S10 with 14 bolt

    My 1985 S10 with a 14 bolt FF under the rear.
  4. S10 with 14 bolt

    S10 with 14 bolt

    My 1985 S10 with a 14 Bolt FF under the rear.
  5. 12 bolt truss

    12 bolt truss

    Built this sucker with some spare roll bar tubing and channel. Freebie!
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