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  1. PigIronK5

    Found 10-bolt Front Caliper Mounting Brackets 8-Lug

    Looking for a pair of 3/4 ton 8-lug 10-bolt front caliper mounting brackets / backing plates. Anyone have a pair sitting in a corner that need a new home. I am converting my 6-lug 10-bolt, I already have the hubs, just need the caliper mounts.
  2. Cadden

    Brake line, fuel line routing, diagram, or pics

    Been searching thru for a bit, not sure if i have found the exact answer I am looking for. My 1970 Jimmy came with all new brake lines and fuel lines. The only problem, all the old brake lines were already removed prior to me obtaining the vehicle. Is it the same routing for pickups? Does...
  3. MNorby

    WY 6 lug 14FF hubs & disk brake parts

    sold Info on hubs here:
  4. K

    PA Hydraulic Pedal Assembly

    Hey guys, I have a couple Hydraulic clutch pedal assemblies for sale. I have both vacuum and hydroboost brake sets. Asking $325 each plus shipping.
  5. My 91 Jimmy

    My 91 Jimmy

    Rear Disc Brake Conversion
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