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  1. P

    '91 K5 Blazer - Proportioning valve stuck, ABS problems, and rear brakes won't bleed

    I put this together in the hopes of helping "the next guy". I had a chewed front rotor and the master cylinder level dropped enough that the brake warning light came on. Or so I thought. After replacing the front brake pads, brake rotors, and bleeding the calipers: My brake warning light was...
  2. Full Restoration 1982 K5 Blazer

    Full Restoration 1982 K5 Blazer

    started as a stock k5 that needed a lot of work, fully restored now and getting ready to do engine swap.
  3. aandpman

    Found the Holy Grail of caliper pin lubes...

    I believe I have found the Holy Grail of brake pin lubes. Most of us at one time or another have had the issue where the brake caliper pins seize up in the rubber and the caliper gets stuck, causing noise, vibration, pulling, etc. Most of the lubes I have used will "cook off" after a few...
  4. M

    Pressed on brake rotors

    My 84 K/5 has the brake rotors pressed onto the hubs with the wheel studs, which means that turning or replacing the rotors requires that I remove the 300 foot -pound spindle nuts and replacing the rotors is not a simple swap because of the wheel studs. This design is nonsense just to do a...
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