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  1. Thomas Fournier

    Front bumper designs wanted

    Looking to see what you guys have built for front bumpers. Any good ideas? I wanted to run a winch and hope to keep it square tubing, however, I might just have to go with a nice round tube design. I’m running a 77 Chevy pickup on 37s and a b52 kit up front. I would love to see some designs of...
  2. pics in the driveway

    pics in the driveway

    custom rear bumper extremly sturdy and strong. built by my dad, anyone interested contact mefor any questions.
  3. sittin in the driveway

    sittin in the driveway

    custom front bumpers hold enough air to pump two tires
  4. 1981 K5

    1981 K5

    6" suspension lift, 3" Body lift. Homemade bumpers.
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