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  1. 1985 k30 budget EarthRoamer project

    1985 k30 budget EarthRoamer project

    I’ll keep this short and add the full details in the second post. Yes I have too many projects, no I was not looking for another, but this was too good to pass on.
  2. ZooMad75

    Blazer Campers- The not a Chalet thread. FWC, Hallmark, Phoenix units.

    Campers for K5 Blazers are a unique setup. It seems as if not much is known of these special units as they often get overshadowed by GM’s factory Blazer Campers known as the Chalet (Chevy) or Casa Grande (GMC). FWC Blazer camper in front, Chalet in the back: In fact, the Four Wheel Pop Up...
  3. ZooMad75

    '91 K5 Four Wheel Camper

    ZooMad75 submitted a new Build: '91 K5.3 Blazer Read more about this build here... This page is the onset of the 5.3L install page-3 Start of D44 build, Hagerman Pass page-4 CV shaft clearance page-5 Prop valve retro fit to 73-89 page-12 Driveline math explained page-13 RPO code list out...
  4. '91 K5 Camper

    Offroad '91 K5 Camper

    So I've been asked, err harassed to start a build thread on my 91 K5 here. I haven't hung out much here in a while, but maintained a lurker status checking up on my friend you all know as Larry (that nutty guy that put's 8.1 Big Blocks in all his stuff). That was the original opening line...
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