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  1. mteich21

    Dies on idle - help needed

    '86 K5, 5.7L 350 (all stock, no mods. This is my first ever build, so I'm learning slowly as I go) Was driving on the freeway, and it died going 65+. Changed the fuel pump, filter, and line, thinking that was the issue. Now it runs great when foot is on the gas, but dies on idle. When I...
  2. Thomas Fournier

    Ping ping ping ping WTH am I doing wrong!

    Ok I have a 350 SBC, bored 20 over eagle rods and balanced, 68cc performance iron heads w/ ARP studs edelbrock intake, crower beast cam full roller comp iron rockers, Sean Murphy quadrajet, Chevy H.E.I. w/ Accel coil and module w/ msd cap and rotor w/a recurve kit for 32 degree advance at...
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