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  1. SpeedlabDan

    Ez chrome and other newfangled chrome treatments!

    Ok so this has been out a while and I've known about it but I wanted to wait to see if it has created any buzz... It hasn't seemed to so I'm suspicious whether it even works. Is it too good to be true? Is this trick photography? Have you tried it? I'd love to redo my front bumper and dually wheels.
  2. SpeedlabDan

    Wanted Oem 16" chrome Dually wheels

    So this is probably more of a long shot but my truck has three original chrome steel Dually wheels and one was used on the inner rear and the drum tore up the chrome. Therefore I'm looking for at least one in usable condition as mine are not pristine and this isn't for a show truck. Tricky part...
  3. yellowK20

    Old school jet-boats, anyone into them? Looking for some info and guidance

    So I really dig the mid 70's jetboats with all the Metal flake paint and Chromed out bigblocks , tuck and roll interiors ect . A few of my buddies up here have them and I have built a few motors for them and spent some time on the water . When I was in New Mexico we spent quite a bit of time...
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