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  1. Three Day 3link

    Three Day 3link

    Ill preface with @secutright and myself are embarking upon a business venture where we build products for these square body's, we call ourselves Fortify Offroad. CK5 has been instrumental in giving us a place to gain constructive feedback, the information on this site by far is much more usable...
  2. BlaZeus

    '81 K5, "BlaZeus"- How to NOT build the ultimate budget K5; 3 & 4 link build

    Hey there folks. Ive been meaning to start a build thread for a while now but it seems that it has just never happened because there is always work to be done to the rig so instead i just spend all my time working on it and not writing about the work. First off, I'd like to thank my Lord and...
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