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  1. Chevk587

    Here I go

    Got all the interior out cut the dash out . Now cage pedal swap for the nv4500 and I’m thinking painless harness kit ... not sure which to get any suggestions?
  2. sreidmx

    Fortify Offroad is now laser cutting!

    Hi Guys, We have teamed up with Lasernut to laser cut all our products. This offers significant benefits for the customer. We have been working on weld it yourself kits and with the help of some of you guys will be working on bringing that forward soon! If you have any questions in regards to...
  3. BlaZeus

    caged front 3 link / rear 4 link crazy questions!

    so, a couple questions. i have been toying around with the idea of extending the wheelbase by moving the axle 6"-10" back and putting glass bedsides from a chevy truck on it and extending the cage to protect my 3rd row seating occupiers and building a fuel cell mount 0ff the back of the truck...
  4. ktmoutfront

    The Jimmy build, beat and rebuild with very few updates.

    He asked me to post a thread about my truck. The one that has been sitting since getting back from Moab. I NEED DESERT. Have to find some place to open it up. I was told to post up what I did. Bought a blown motor, as in rod hanging out of the block, 87 GMC Jimmy. Wanted a rock and sand truck...
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