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  1. rileymurph41

    Wanted 86 K5 head,blink, tail, LED Kit’s?

    Anyone have any experience with solid aftermarket LED headlights, indicators, and tail lights for an 86 k5? Would like to get some precision retrofits but I’m not gonna pay 1200 bucks. Something made in America is preferred but in this day and age damn near impossible.
  2. Whistley

    78 Jimmy Full Roof Removed

    I am looking at purchasing a 1978 Jimmy that has had the "professionally removed full roof conversion". Now I can tell you it looks like they did the work cleanly but is there any thing I should look for that would indicate issues with them doing this. I know this can be hard on the structure of...
  3. K


    Hello All, the names Kris and I'm beginning my dream truck project. Red Jimmy is for sale, The M1009 is going to be my lab rat apparently it's name is Mandarb "Not sure if I like it? but thats its name. Wish I knew the unit it came form." Rough Drafts 2013 Lots of plans for this bad boy...
  4. My 91 Jimmy

    My 91 Jimmy

    Rear Disc Brake Conversion
  5. Wilwood clutch master

    Wilwood clutch master

    3/4" bore wilwood master for hydro clutch conversion
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