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  1. Thomas Fournier

    What radiators are good these days?

    Hello all, Im looking to replace my old 4 core copper/brass large radiator. After repairing it with solder and or just crimping it multiple times in the past..its time for a new one (it just sprung a new leak on the top). Im game to spend some extra money on a radiator that will last as long as...
  2. F

    LS swap gauges - 5.3 swapped 1982 k5 blazer

    i have a 90-91 electronic cluster coming in and had a few questions about hooking it up in my ls swapped '82 blazer Oil Pressure can i use the ls oil pressure sender since the computer doesn't need it? will it automatically work with the 91 suburban cluster? Coolant i have a 3-wire sender on...
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