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crew cab

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  2. Alan2smiley

    Built White truck A.C, links and coilovers (35 PSI boost!)

    Alan2smiley submitted a new Build: White truck Read more about this build here...
  3. Lnsean4

    Wanted Looking for a Duramax

    I am looking to purchase a duramax. Budget is around $30,000. I am looking for a truck with 50k or less miles. Preferably a crew cab dually. 4wd is a must. I would really prefer 2011 or newer but let me know what you have. I am located in downstate New York. Hopefully something within reasonable...
  4. Lnsean4

    Sold 1980 K30 Dually Crew Cab

    Selling my 1980 Chevrolet K30 Crew Cab. The truck has a 454 big block with a sm465 manual transmission. I bought the truck from Albuquerque, New Mexico. It has a clean title. I am a 22 year old full time student. Between school and my 75 k5 I just don't have the time or space for it. The truck...
  5. SpeedlabDan

    Ate one Molotov/resurrection 3+3, 8.1L /magnum/Allison

    SpeedlabDan submitted a new Build: My new tow pig 3+3 Read more about this build here...
  6. 1991 v3500 - forever truck

    1991 v3500 - forever truck

    I still cant get over it. I bought a 91 v3500. Going to build this truck to be simple, reliable, and comfortable enough to take the family anywhere from the state parks to the county fair. And look ****ing badass while I do it.
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