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  1. 1998 K3500 Crew Cab

    1998 K3500 Crew Cab

    I actually was able to get the wife's approval to drag this one home. :haha:
  2. K30 4" lift, 35" BFG's

    K30 4" lift, 35" BFG's

  3. 4" lift on 35" BFG AT's

    4" lift on 35" BFG AT's

  4. Stock K30

    Stock K30

  5. Stock K30

    Stock K30

  6. Stock Trim K30

    Stock Trim K30

  7. 350 SBC

    350 SBC

  8. Rear Seat

    Rear Seat

  9. Front Seat

    Front Seat

  10. Plain Jane Interior

    Plain Jane Interior

    Manual everything, no AC, no headliner, vinyl floormat
  11. Rockers


    My Rockers are beat, custom sliders on the list to fix this
  12. Passenger side rear 3/4 view

    Passenger side rear 3/4 view

  13. Rear


  14. 3x6" tube bumper

    3x6" tube bumper

  15. rear 3/4 view

    rear 3/4 view

    Custom bumper, mismatched GMC tailgate
  16. Bedside


    A wee bit hammered
  17. K30


  18. D60


    ORD crossover steering
  19. Custom Deluxe K30

    Custom Deluxe K30

    My work in progress '86 K30, 4" lift, 37" Goodyear MTR's
  20. truck_2


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