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    Missouri Offroad Outfitters rear shock inboarding crossmember
  2. 1988 K5 the "Big Blue" compromise

    1988 K5 the "Big Blue" compromise

    Well, there has been a lot of turd polishing over the years, and I've amassed quite a collection of photos. It sat for the last 2 years with a broken engine (busted motor number 2) and i just swapped in a decent used one -All fired up and ready to do some wheeling again this winter and spring...
  3. CFMi

    (Re)Introducing CFM Industries!!

    Hey all you CK5 members! It's been quite a while since I've been on here, and I apologize for that. Quick Story: It began a few years back when the owner of the building I was operating out of came to me and told me I had a month to get out because he had decided to move out of the state and...
  4. New crossmemeber

    New crossmemeber

    This should work, a lot more clearance than stock. The grey represents where the skid plate is going to run. I got the idea from 4x4 iron, and improved on there design.
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