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  1. Grey Truck Build

    Grey Truck Build

    My dad traded in his other truck (1970 1/2 ton short box) for this one in 1999 to be his daily driver/work truck (I was about 6 years old). The short box was too small and he needed something more reliable back then. It was bone stock with the factory 6.6L 400 / TH350 and NP203. My dad later...
  2. 1978 K20 Camper Special LWB

    1978 K20 Camper Special LWB

    I have owned this truck starting in 1986 and it has gone through so many changes.
  3. the_blaze

    PLAN B

    the_blaze submitted a new Build: PLAN B Read more about this build here...
  4. PLAN B

    PLAN B

    This build was 2 parts 1 i have a truck I made to pretty to wheel so I'm building an ugly one I can actually enjoy. And 2. My cousin has been trying to join us for blazer bash but his truck wont be ready so we are surprising him with this one
  5. my kids took the truck

    Discuss crossover steering: Close to OEM height daily driver

    After 45 years my steering box is done - the adjustment has bottomed out and steering is getting loose. This is a daily driver K5 that regularly gets used once a week. In the past, there was some offroad but recently not even a fire road -- I don't plan to do much more but the performance...
  6. cesandvik

    Looking for a good thread on Cross Over Steering including parts to replace

    Hi all, I'm looking for a very thorough thread on a Cross Over Steering build/install. Specifically, as I work through the process, what other basic parts should I replace or consider such as seals, bearings, etc... that a rookie installer should consider/plan to have on hand. Installing on 10...
  7. C

    CO 2 wheel drive steering box SOLD SOLD

    I have 2 wheel drive steering box from Off-road design from a'86 K5. Was for my crossover steering. Great shape. Used for 2 seasons. $100. Text or PM 303-909-6715 Pete Sale pending SOLD
  8. BlaZeus

    '81 K5, "BlaZeus"- How to NOT build the ultimate budget K5; 3 & 4 link build

    Hey there folks. Ive been meaning to start a build thread for a while now but it seems that it has just never happened because there is always work to be done to the rig so instead i just spend all my time working on it and not writing about the work. First off, I'd like to thank my Lord and...
  9. 454Sub

    90 R1500 Suburban Build

    454Sub submitted a new Build: 90 R1500 Suburban Build Read more about this build here...
  10. Steering Arm

    Steering Arm

  11. Crossover parts

    Crossover parts

    came from NWF. trying to contact them due to receiving two RH thread rod ends.
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