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  1. Weekend Pig Iron

    Offroad Weekend Pig Iron

    Owned this project since 2006. Broke in 2008. Sat in a field for 14 years. I am looking to get this back on the road as a weekend warrior. Mild to medium difficulty trails, on beach driving, and truck camping are what I plan on doing with it.
  2. 1990 K5 Blazer Project "Side-Chick"

    1990 K5 Blazer Project "Side-Chick"

    I figured it was time to actually post up a build thread so everyone can point and laugh at the NOOB. I picked up my donor truck about a year ago. She was not a cherry survivor, nor was she a pile of rust. It ran, I could dive it, and there really wasn't much rust or damage to deal with. All in...
  3. Alan2smiley

    Built White truck A.C, links and coilovers (35 PSI boost!)

    Alan2smiley submitted a new Build: White truck Read more about this build here...
  4. Tony Vickers

    WA 96 Cummins 6bt for sale 96 Cummins 12 Valve or 6BT. This engine has been completely gone through. All new Cummins upper and lower gaskets. Block was decked and inlined honed to make sure it was true. Crank, rods, pistons have been balanced. New head, Mahle piston...
  5. front_of_engine


  6. 2003 3500 CTD Ram

    2003 3500 CTD Ram

    Loaded up and ready to go...
  7. 2003 3500 CTD Ram

    2003 3500 CTD Ram

    Out at the Hammers
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