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  1. 94 Ferd Ranger

    94 Ferd Ranger

    Next on the list of projects I will start that get to a useable state and never get finished, a long bed 1994 Ferd ****in Ranger. has the 2.3l lima engine that may receive a stroker kit and an exhaust driven air conditioner ;) 5 speed trans, currently 2wd. Runs and drives great so ill tear into...
  2. M

    front hubs.

    Guys I am new to the site and looking for a front hub to replace the one that the outer race is loose. I converted my 70 blazer to disc in front about 15 years ago and I used all the parts off a 73. They bolted right on. any Help would be appreciated. The truck has been in my family since new...
  3. ZooMad75

    Found D44 long side axle shaft assembly

    Sand, tru-trac and my truck equals broken stub shafts. I need a good left side assembly. Anybody got one stashed away in the old parts pile?
  4. 6872xtc

    Sold D44 flat top knuckles

    I have an extra set of flat top knuckles that have been sitting in the garage for too many years. One is blasted and a little paint on it due to shuffling parts around on my truck and my son's. The one that has ball joints still in it was on my K10 for years before I got another set when I went...
  5. Thomas Fournier

    Us gear vs gear vender overdrive units

    Ok I'm sure this has been on here before but there isn't very much info on this subject. I have a 77 chevy with a built 350 th400 np241 14bff rear dana 44 4.56 gears and a locker in the rear. I want some overdrive cause 3000rpm isn't fun at 65. I don't want to run. Crappy 700r4 cause I hate the...
  6. ZooMad75

    '91 K5 Four Wheel Camper

    ZooMad75 submitted a new Build: '91 K5.3 Blazer Read more about this build here... This page is the onset of the 5.3L install page-3 Start of D44 build, Hagerman Pass page-4 CV shaft clearance page-5 Prop valve retro fit to 73-89 page-12 Driveline math explained page-13 RPO code list out...
  7. '91 K5 Camper

    Offroad '91 K5 Camper

    So I've been asked, err harassed to start a build thread on my 91 K5 here. I haven't hung out much here in a while, but maintained a lurker status checking up on my friend you all know as Larry (that nutty guy that put's 8.1 Big Blocks in all his stuff). That was the original opening line...
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