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  1. Black Beauty '79 Daily Driver

    Offroad Black Beauty '79 Daily Driver

    Picked up a cosmetically clean west coast 1979 K5. It's my second. A new family prompted my first blazer's departure. Now that my little one is older (and my ex took the family truckster, a '15 Dodge Durango, the only new vehicle I've ever purchased), I am back to my unreasonable ways. After...
  2. Too Nice to Tear Up

    Too Nice to Tear Up

    I bought this 1978 K5 Blazer, in July, 2006, from the wife of the second owner, after he died. I was looking for a Blazer to cut up, and turn into a "rock crawler", so a K5 for $500, seemed like a good start. I went to her house, and out of the garage came a really nice, not rust free, but...
  3. sreidmx

    Fortify Offroad is now laser cutting!

    Hi Guys, We have teamed up with Lasernut to laser cut all our products. This offers significant benefits for the customer. We have been working on weld it yourself kits and with the help of some of you guys will be working on bringing that forward soon! If you have any questions in regards to...
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