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  1. Cadden

    Dash bolt size

    For the 2 bolts on each side of the dash, what size and length bolt is it? I took mine out to assist with installing a new ebrake assembly (months ago) and now I can't seem to find them Searching the forums brings me to top bolt sizes


    looking for a used cluster for a 1990 k5 blazer. I mainly need the voltage, oil pressure and coolant temp gauges. with their respective sending units if possible. I've been unable to locate a used cluster so far. and have also been unsuccessful searching online. if anyone has a lead or knows...
  3. B

    1989 blazer electrical plug question

    My son and I have been doing a rebuild on a 1989 full size Blazer. We took the dash apart 2 years ago (obviously didn't take enough pictures :) )and now putting things back together. We are replacing the instrument cluster with a Dakota Digital cluster. There are 2 wire plugs that we can't...
  4. Duntz00

    Found 1973-74 GMC Super Custom dash emblem

    Looking for the dash emblem for a 1973-74 GMC Super Custom...
  5. no more dash!

    no more dash!

    Have a nice sheet of 16ga stainless going in it's place once the roll bar is installed. Note the Polycarbonate windshield ;)
  6. Current Dash

    Current Dash

    this is what it looks like now
  7. Finished Dash

    Finished Dash

    This is what the dash will hopefully look like
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