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  1. ZooMad75

    Desert Trip 2020- Escape from everything

    Details prior to the start of the trip: Discussions started in January between the core group deciding the target week and location of choice. The general location is central Utah within the San Raphael Swell. We all do our own research for trail choices and voiced ideas and I went to work...
  2. ZooMad75

    2018 Desert Trip

    We’ve made another lap around the sun and once again it’s time for our annual run to the desert. I could rename it Larry’s Insane Truck Torture Test Trip, as this one was HOT. The main target for this year’s fun was the Mojave Road with plans to head north into Death Valley after. The choice...
  3. BlaZeus

    Ocotillo Wells trip 1/28/17-1/29/17

    I'm taking a trip down to Ocotillo for the weekend. I'll be showing up late Friday night or early Saturday morning. If anybody is down to mob out, it'd be rad to have some other rigs out there! PM me for more details! :saweet::woot:
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