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  1. 84 Optimized M1009

    Daily Driver 84 Optimized M1009

    After a hard 8-9 years of Banishment, The CK5 Gods are giving me another chance. Please forgive my political comments years ago… My old build thread was derailed and missing all of the pictures. Starting fresh…
  2. Weekend Pig Iron

    Offroad Weekend Pig Iron

    Owned this project since 2006. Broke in 2008. Sat in a field for 14 years. I am looking to get this back on the road as a weekend warrior. Mild to medium difficulty trails, on beach driving, and truck camping are what I plan on doing with it.
  3. Scribbles

    TX Off the market

    It’s with a heavy heart I need to sell this truck, I listed it asking top dollar for it locally ($21k). What does CK5 think it’s worth to the average person? Unfortunately I may be too upside down on the loan to drop the price but for a CK5 member I’ll give my bottom dollar price. 2007 LBZ...
  4. Dirt Drag Gas vs diesel

    Dirt Drag Gas vs diesel

    Dirt dragsvgas winner vs diesel winner
  5. 82 stepside. Build, break, rebuild, repeat!

    82 stepside. Build, break, rebuild, repeat!

    The life of my 82 stepside that I've had since August 2000 and the various states of running and non-running.
  6. ridenby

    KY 1985 Chevy CUCV m1008a1 $4000

    I have two of these trucks.I have neither the time nor the wherewithal to do justice to both. This truck has had a 6.5 turbo added to the 6.2L. It is still 24v . Cab is in very good condition. Bed is excellent. Runs and drives real well. Detroit Locker in rear axle. Open front axle.
  7. Lnsean4

    Wanted Looking for a Duramax

    I am looking to purchase a duramax. Budget is around $30,000. I am looking for a truck with 50k or less miles. Preferably a crew cab dually. 4wd is a must. I would really prefer 2011 or newer but let me know what you have. I am located in downstate New York. Hopefully something within reasonable...
  8. Csm Davis

    Suburban body on 1 ton frame?

    Looking at building a suburban on a M1028 1 ton chassis what problems am I looking at? I know the wheelbase is 2" longer on the 1 ton, that should not be a big problem. What say the masses?
  9. diesel primer ball

    diesel primer ball

    i put this together to prime my 6.2, it stays on the truck all the time, so if i ever run out again, i just squeeze away until the ball gets hard and it fires right up.
  10. 2003 3500 CTD Ram

    2003 3500 CTD Ram

    Loaded up and ready to go...
  11. 2003 3500 CTD Ram

    2003 3500 CTD Ram

    Out at the Hammers
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