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door panels

  1. cybrfire

    Lower door panels have arrived!

    After a lot of work and designing, our Lower Door Panels are finally available! They have a lot of options including things like a door pocket, speaker cut outs, and more. These are call to order so that we can customize them to the options you want. These are designed to fit perfectly with...
  2. k5Thumper

    Door panel trim

    anyone have any luck tracking down the upper door panel trim? I have an 88 k5 Silverado with pull straps. Looking for trim pieces for both sides, only see billet and the ones for the lmc special door panels. Doesn't have to be OEM, not sure if anyone makes them aftermarket. I'm in Delaware and...
  3. rpcraft

    New type of Door panel cover I noticed in LMC

    Was searching for something over on the LMC site today and happened to come across something that caught my eye. Looks like they have some new panels from TMI for K5's from 67 to 72 and all the Squarebody style . I couldn't find any really great photos of an install or the kit. I'm sure there...
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